Ladder Pump Dredges

Ladder Pump Dredger: A ladder pump dredge has the pump located as the name states on the ladder. Locating the pump on the ladder allows for the pump to become submerged when the ladder is lowered. When the pump is submerged it becomes more efficient and allows for a higher percentage of solids to be pumped through the system. Ladder pump dredges are available in cutterhead suction, chain ladder, and straight suction from Custom Dredge Works Inc. with 8”-20” discharge and ladder lengths up to 150’ plus.

Available sizes:
8”- 20”

Pump brands currently available:

Mobile Pulley

Horsepower range:


Available lengths:

Current designs are available for dredges digging to 150ft or more.

Method of power:
Direct Drive Electric
Natural Gas