Chain Ladder Dredge

A Chain Ladder Dredger is a type of dredger that uses a chain with specialized cutting links to loosen the material to be dredged. Most commonly used in sand and gravel mining operations it has the advantage of removing oversize material and conveying that material away from the suction to limit re- handling issues at the suction. Chain ladder Dredges are available in sizes from 8”-20” and with ladder lengths to 150’ plus.

Available Sizes
8”- 20”

Pump brands currently available:
Mobile Pulley

Available pump locations:
Deck mount
Recessed mount
In Hull
Mid Ladder
Forward Ladder
In Hull Jet Assist
Other custom locations available

Choosing the proper chain:

Selecting the correct size of chain is determined by the materials you'll encounter
Please call the sales team at CDW to ensure a proper fit.

7" Pitch                                                                                 8" Pitch

9" Pitch                                                                            11"Pitch

Available Lengths:
Current designs are available for digging to 150 ft+

Horsepower range:

Method of power:
Direct Drive Electric
Natural Gas