Electric Dredge Options

CDW can help your project cut production costs by switching to an electric dredge. Converting your dredge and booster pumps can save you up to 70% on production costs per year. Electric dredge options also improve your output by nearly 10%, and boost your company's reputation for government contracts. 
Converting to electric can be easier than you think:
To give you a better understanding of the conversion process, we will show you some simple calculations for horsepower to kilowatt conversion. There are a few dredge components which will need converted. The dredge pumps, cutter head, service pump, and swing winch all require some form of input. Here is a simple breakdown of the conversion process:

ComponentsDiesel InputCalculationElectric Input
Dredge Pump635 HP635 HP / 1.341 = 473.53 kW
Engine Cooling35 HP(None Required)(None Required)
Cutterhead125 HP125 HP / 1.341 = 93.21 kW
Swing Winch45 HP45 HP / 1.341 = 33.56 kW
Service Pump10 HP10 HP / 1.341 = 7.46 kW
Total HP850 HP850 HP / 1.341 = 633.86 kW

HP/ 1.341 = kW input

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We aim to get your production cost close to eighty cents per ton. Custom Dredge Works has many options to increase your electric dredges productivity as well as to reduce your production cost per ton. We would love to walk you through an estimate today.


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