Dredge Chain

A Dredge chain is the cutting / conveying mechanism on a chain ladder dredge. Its function is to agitate and excavate material while keeping the suction mouth clear for pumping. CDW offers four different sizes of chain determined by the chains pitch. Typical set up for the chain is three plain intermediate links followed by a cutting link. Every other cutting link has a cross bar as pictured below.

Sizes and types of chain:
Selection of chain size is determined by the size of the material that needs to be passed. Below are some typical chain / pump setups. Please call CDW’s sales team to ensure proper fit, as our company can offer you custom dredge components.

Chain openings:
We have placed a tape measure across the openings so you may get a better idea of the size that might pass through the chain.





CDW stocks a majority of chain sizes. Please contact our sales team if you would like to order a part or receive pricing information.